This week's fucking Deadcast guest is fucking Andy Behrens from fucking Yahoo! (Listen here, iTunes here.) FUCKTASTIC! Together we have produced, by far, the most useful fucking Deadcast to date.

It's your official Deadspin Fantasy Football Preview. We're going to split this up into two parts. This week, we'll do the AFC, and then we'll get back to the NFC before the season rolls around. Behrens and I have both gone through all the summer fantasy guides and drafts, sifted out the bullshit, and created a whole NEW round of speculative bullshit about the upcoming season.


What I wanted to do here was go through each team and just highlight some of the changes that have taken place since last season, and how that'll affect where players net out in terms of overall value. What I realized while Behrens and I talked was that, good fucking Christ, the running back situation around the league this year is horrific. It's as if every team is now coached by Mike Shanahan. There are potential three and four man committees all over the place (Jets, Pats, Broncos, Steelers, and more) that offer you no hope. You'll end up more weeks than not having to play someone like Sammy Morris, who will rush for 100 yards and 2 TD's one week, then fall off the face of the earth the next week. It's terrifying. I'm not even sure I want to play anymore.

Anyway, we threw as much information as we possibly could into a tidy 50-minute presentation (Did you know Dwayne Bowe showed up to camp fat? You do now). I think you'll find that, unless you're one of those Norman Chad type fuckwits who still thinks fantasy football is all nerdy (they must live in their parents basements!), it makes for solid entertainment. Also, Behrens hates Cedric Benson. Hates his guts. Thinks he rapes babies. It's true.

This week's Deadcast is available for your listening pleasure right here. You can also find the new Deadcast in the iTunes Music Store here. Next week's Deadcast guest is Daulerio. Got a question you want read over the air next week? Send it to me here. Special thanks to Liberated Syndication for hosting us. Now sit back, relax, and listen to Behrens' stupid fucking dog barking at the end of the show.