"What I speak out of my mouth is the truth," says Jose Canseco, sounding very much like a man carrying two stone tablets down Mount Sinai. "It burns like fire. Just remember, I have never lied about this subject."

Poor Pedro Gomez drew the short stick and got on the phone today with the Juice Prophet, who continues to prove that you can be totally in the right about something and still sound like an utter boob:

"If you were in the game in the last 20 years, there's a 95 percent chance you were knowingly using something,'' Canseco said. "I said 80 percent back then because that was the number of players that I knew were on. But that number was greater.''

This translates roughly to, "That number I pulled out of my ass a few years back is smaller than the number I'm pulling out of my ass right now."

Canseco says MLB facing bigger issue [ESPN]