We asked where these photos of Matthew Stafford's summer vacation were taken, and boy, did we get some answers. It's just too bad they all contradicted each other.

my friend and i from uga were just talking about this the other night. stafford... took [his girlfriend] and a whole bunch of friends from highland park to the bahamas for the 4th.

Lions QB Matt Stafford ...is in Lake St. Clair Michigan.

Pics came from "Cocktail Cove" on Lake Lanier in Georgia. It's about 30 minutes north of Atlanta. Someone I knew from school was photographed with him in the identical shades / trunks over July 4th weekend and went straight to Facebook with pride (presumably barking while uploading).

Judging by the photo, I'm pretty sure they're at Cedar Creek Lake, a large body of water about 45 minutes east of Dallas where affluent Highland Park locals purchase opulent lakehouses and allow their children to drink from the ubiquitous Red Cup. Stafford's been back in Dallas this summer, they had a place down there in high school, it stands to reason. It's not a lock and it's utterly boring, but what the hell do you want from me?

Four tips, four different guesses. Maybe Stafford was in all of those places. Or none. It's a mystery!