In case you forgot, given all the Twitter madness and the server shutdowns this week, it is DSHOF week. Right now, Barkley is the only one who looks to have a reasonable shot at enshrinement. He continues to amaze.

But here are the rest of the nominees struggling for Jim Cooke immortality:

• Lenny Dykstra
• Crossing Pattern Dong
• Stephen A. Smith
• Jay Mariotti
• Alex Rodriguez
• Stephon Marbury

And, forever in our black hearts and phantom hooves...


• Barbaro

Polls close on Sunday evening.

Tomorrow is Idiot Barking Dog day on Deadspin. Come keep me company and watch the potential shitshow I may unleash story-wise. You thought EA was bad? Anyway, you've been warned.


Sunday, it's sworn enemy of UCF, Barry Petchesky.

Go on. Take a load off. It's Friday. Talk to a scary girl.