Big Papi handled himself as confidently and apologetically as he possibly could while he addressed the whole "why's your name popping up on that mysterious list of bad, bad men"-issue. No steroids, he says. Just supplements.

Papi's explanation via USA Today:

I definitely was a little bit careless.I was buying supplements and vitamins over the counter ... but I never buy steroids or use steroids.I wanted to apologize to fans for the distraction, my teammates, my manager. This past week has been a nightmare."

Thank you, David. Now, the bigger problem in Red Sox Nation is their floundering ball club. The Bronx nut-punching continued last night as Captain Boli saved the Yankees with a two-run walk-off in the bottom of the 15th. Pie to the face!

The Yankees now hold a 4.5 game lead over the Red Sox and appear poised to run away with the division. Welcome back to the early aughts.