This is not one of those "full of shit" liars trying to make Lenny Dykstra look bad. By his own admission, the stock market whiz kid is now sleeping in his car. So there is a level below rock bottom?

Dykstra filed for bankruptcy last month and is also divorcing his wife. Both those moves have come back to bite him now that his house is full of mold. He blames his insurance company and wants them to pay for his temporary housing while they sort it out. But the insurance company says they've already given him temporary housing. That's where his wife is living. Despite his protests, they aren't going to give them two new homes.

So when CNBC's Jane Wells asked him for an update on his financial situation, he gave her the straight poop:

"I don't mean to be crude," he says, "but where do they expect me to (go to the bathroom)?

Dykstra also told her that when he's not sleeping in his car, he just crashes in hotel lobbies, which I can sort of imagine him doing even when he had money. So is this the "flying higher" part of his current lifestyle?

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