China's Dream Basketball League has a height limit—no one over 6'2" is allowed. But one oversized trickster tried to sneak his way in and basically brought the league to its knees.

Contrary to the legends made popular by Yao Ming and the CIA, the Chinese are not a race of seven-foot tall supermen. Some of them are quite short and they like to play basketball against others who are their own size. Unfortunately, Huizhou Qiaoxing of the Dream League signed Chinese Basketball Association slam dunk champion Hu Guang, who was listed in the CBA as 1.95 meters. (The league limit is 1.88m. The metric system will enslave us!) Hu refused to be measured, so his first opponent refused to take the floor and had to forfeit the game. The league finally did measure him and he passed, but some accused him of bending his neck to mask his true height. I didn't realize "standing up straight" could be so controversial.


Qiaoxing's next game went on as planned, but fans became so disruptive that it was called at halftime. So naturally the other fans started a riot.

By the way, all this happened because the league admitted that they had "limited ability and technique in measuring." So we're supposed to be worried about a world-dominating superpower that apparently doesn't own a tape measure?

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