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The lesson of every statistics class is the same: all statistics are skewed. (Right, Mr. Alex?) That seems like it would hold true for a text message poll about reinstating Pete Rose during last night's Dodgers-Reds affair, but then, I guess it is possible for 100 percent of voters to believe in the sanctity of second chances — to have pity on Charlie Hustle, to absorb everything Joe Posnanski has ever written about the Reds, to uphold the values of democracy and the republic and organized religion, all with a few thumb clacks on the T9 or QWERTY keyboard.

Or CarMax got screwed out of a fair and decent poll, and no one really thinks Rose should be reinstated.


I'm not sure which to believe, just as I'm utterly baffled by the curious choice of headshots. Is one supposed to make Rose look like a criminal? Did he acquire his white suit from Rick Pitino? And why is Rose smiling like he's just made some money on this poll's results? Heads I win, tails you lose.


Well, hello! Coming atcha today from Durham, N.C., where no one within 100 yards of me is awake.