How does swastika-betatted MMA fighter Toni Valtonen work up the proper level of anger toward his opponents in the ring? Probably by visualizing them in yarmulkes, stealing his money.

Valtonen, a Finn, rocks a swastika tattoo on his shoulder and the phrase "White Pride" across his back, because, you see, when he was young and foolish (or so he claims), he didn't much care for minorities. Only no one in the States knew it, because pesky league officials required Valtonen to cover the tattoos with patches (pinkos)! But that all changed when those patches fell off during a recent HDNet fight, exposing to the world — in high-def, no less — how Valtonen really feels about all those other races. Oops!

MMA Fighter Toni Valtonen Has Swastika, 'White Pride' Tattoos [Fanhouse]