Since Deadspin has become an outpost for awkward, ridiculous, sexually suggestive college football team posters, I guess it was inevitable that one featuring (alleged) high school players would show up. Yay, NAMBLA.

Don't scurry away from your computers just yet. I'm sure most of the young bucks in this photo are over 18 or possibly even older than that. I mean, you can see pubic hair on some of them. They could be 30-year-old men dressed as naked teenage high school football players with helmets positioned over their crotches. At least, that's what I'm telling myself. I'm sure my boss is happy, though.

And we're off.

Good evening, late night viewers. Grab your adderall and spend the next few hours vampiring with me. It'll be fun. Promise.


And, now, I'm playing another song because I can't believe Dash actually went with Elton John before this. Those Michigan people must have really rattled him.