Fact: football teams discover neither style nor shame until they hit the pros. To illustrate this, we've put together a gallery of your old favorites, plus some new entries. We'll be adding to this periodically as you keep sending them.

The best part of this picture of Holy Cross's linemen is the coach taking it as seriously as anyone.

This is current NFLer Thomas DeCoud, confirming all our suspicions that Berkeley is pushing a certain "agenda."

Can we do the pros? Sure, let's do the pros. Oh Terrell Suggs, you make it slightly less easy to hate the Ravens.

The only thing more laughable than the Duke football poster is the Duke football program.

No one told this high school that shirtless team photos are meant to show off muscle definition. All Both the choppers in the world won't hide that. Except for fourth-from-the-right kid, who's going to give himself a hernia if he flexes any harder.

This 1997 Tennessee photo is a veritable Where's Waldo of wasted talent. Can you find oft-injured Al Wilson, unlikely Super Bowl champ (really, look it up) Cedrick Wilson, and convicted manslaughterer Leonard Little? Also, some guy named Peyton Manning.

The good old boys from Oaks Christian go fishing. You'd think the sons of Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky and Will Smith could afford a boat.

Chainsaws, power drills, bulldozers. This fairly innocuous construction-themed team photo cracks me up for one reason; they apparently ran out of power tools, because that kid at top left is holding an umbrella.

This isn't gay, because the guy on the right is wearing socks.

Looks like the 2000 Purdue offensive line is owed some royalties for that GQ Bruno photoshoot.

The whitest state in the union eagerly defends its title.

"Hey! Look over there! Our dignity!"

Somebody misinterpreted the hook and ladder play.

(UPDATE:) "I never thought I'd see something local on your site. In case you wanted to know, the high school is the Homer-Center Wildcats in Homer City, PA and they are going to be just awful this year. They lost anyone and everyone who did anything on offense last year."

If synchronized, effeminate leaping was an ACC sport, Virginia Tech would...well, Duke would still dominate.

At BYU, this irreverent shot is about as rebellious as the players get.

Photographer: "Taller guys stand in the rear...That's not what I meant!"

Georgia Tech poses with two Transformers, hoping to duplicate the success of Calvin "Megatron" Johnson.

The photo that started it all. Tennessee. Chains. Bare, oiled chests. A puke-orange Lamborghini. This is what college football is all about.