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Yes, that is Seattle manager Don Wakamatsu proudly showing off a seventeen-pound salmon he caught earlier this week. But will this photo be enough to assuage the doubts of a certain cynical team elder statesman?

"I think I saw the price tag on it," [Ken] Griffey [Jr.] said.

Jealousy will get you nowhere, The Kid. Here's hoping the bitterness didn't affect Griff's enjoyment of Wakamatsu's prized catch, which he generously made part of the team's post-game meal.


Elsewhere in the American League, Jim Leyland left a half-finished pack of Marlboros on the clubhouse buffet table. No word yet on whether this was a reward for the Tigers' six-game division lead, or if he simply misplaced them.

Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu lands 17-pound salmon [Seattle Times]


Good morning, fellow labo(u)rers! What say we spend this beautiful late summer day relaxing and steeling ourselves for the winter months ahead?

I think my basset hound has been reading my mail.