Not only did college football return to us last weekend, it brought back a classic genre of the YouTube age—the overstimulated SEC fan boiling over with rage as they watch their team fail on TV.

Okay, maybe they aren't all SEC fans, but this kind of passion does seems to run a little deeper below the Mason-Dixon, doesn't it? This is "Ricky." He is angry. Fortunately, he has a steel chair handy so he can smash things when necessary. When he threatens to drive to Atlanta and shoot a referee in the head over a personal foul penalty—after he fucks the ref's mother, of course—I sort of believe he might do it. Oh, and there's the n-word! Racism, misogyny, and broken furniture? I think that covers everything.

I hate to imagine what would have happened if the Crimson Tide had actually lost this game. Maybe Ricky should not be allowed to watch football anymore. Even though he always dresses nattily for the occasion, I think he has some deeper issues to work out first.

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