After months of speculation about which athletes would bravely reveal themselves sans clothing for ESPN's "Body" issue, the hard-heads at Belsky headquarters have finally leaked some of the covers all over the internet.

This particular issue was one that was veiled in such secrecy that even the most reliable sources usually on board with discussing the ins-and-outs of their boss's bowel movements with child-like glee clammed up. "I think that's crossing a line," one said. "I will lose my job," another said. "I will be escorted outside and then promptly set on fire," said the man who sits at the desk three cubes down from you-know-who. (Just kidding, I have no idea who that person is. Your life is safe. For now.)

USA Today caught up with Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones who, despite her strong Christian beliefs and dislike of being nude in doctor's offices, decided that it was okay to birthday suit-up for the Disney corporation. Unfortunately, she had to yank her favorite photo from the shoot.

"There was another photo that was very cool where you could see how hard I worked for those muscles. The problem was, that photo didn't portray the message I want to send."


You can't play with ma, Lolo.


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