The SEC is littered with pugnacious rivalries, and one Bama'-banged Zabka named Taylor Fortenberry created his usual trash-talk video before this week's Ole Miss clash. Unfortunately, now Ole Miss fans want to kill him. Dead. For real.

Yes, Fortenberry's elitist shtick rubbed a few Rebels the wrong way with his rant where he twice referred to the state's occupants (and the student body) as white trash. The death threats have commenced! Fortenberry — still decked out in a bowtie — told Tuscaloosa's ABC affiliate that both he and his parents have received multiple email and phone call threats from pissed off Rebels ensuring them that if he steps foot into The Grove this weekend he will be stabbed in the nostril and have other harmful things done to him:

"I thought they would "at worst just say're a cocky fan...we're going to be you on the field," Fortenberry says. "Never did I think they would threatenen my life...I mean legit," he goes on. By 5pm, Wednesday there were close to 20,000 responses on 'Youtube'. A few of the reactions are positive but most threatening in nature telling him not to come without "a bodyguard" and another says he wants to 'jab a knife down [Fortenberry's] nostril." Fortenberry says he did not really mean folks at Ole Miss are "white trash"..."It was a joke. The Ole Miss people know there's a thing [of class] about them," he says. Fans have also created a wanted poster using Fortenberry's photo and posted it on facebook asking if anyone sees him in the grove on Saturday to do harmful things to him. As a precaution he says he will not attend the game. "I wanted to go so bad. I had two bodyguards who I was going to pay to go with me. But, obviously that's not enough." Fortenberry says he thinks the Ole Miss people have taken it way too far.

I don't know, between Fortenberry and the disturbing "Roll Tide"-ing of Dave Gryzb, maybe a few Tide fans could use a little humble nostril-stabbing?