Hey, TV people! Way to balance the schedule today. All those early blowouts were awesome! I was forced to watch ESPNews for entertainment, for cryin' out loud. (Although, their numerous live look-ins were very exciting.)

Anyway, Ohio State-Wisconsin and Alabama-Mississippi make the afternoon games a little more promising. Hey, and Sam Bradford's alive! Oh wait ... he's hurt again. Limped off the field after this first possession. Oops. (He did return. For now.)

And since I'm feeling grouchy, here's another complaint. Stop scheduling all the best games in primetime, ABC! Not only does it leave Saturday afternoons devoid of the most compelling matchups, no one wants to stay home on a Saturday night watching TV. I can't tell you how many interesting college games I've missed over the last few seasons because the rest of the human world doesn't revolve about Brent Musburger's schedule.

College football is for SaturDAY. Crying into your beer during last call is for Saturday NIGHT. The end.