Our personalized jersey collection has become so popular and so big, we had to add another room. The closet is now a walk-in. (But we can do more. Keep sending them.)

In this update to our original gallery—fat guys on motorcycles, more immortal movie characters, and even actual athletes who get their own personalized jerseys (for free!) can't resist the customized joke trend. You never looked so good, kids.

This is the last thing you see before you drive your car into the wall of the Big Dig. [Submitted by Marshall S. - "on the 55 freeway last night (Oct. 9) on our way to Angels Stadium."]

No idea... [Submitted by Meg]

This jersey is included here not for the slur—again, when you put this on your back, you are now describing yourself—but for the duct tape that takes the pathetic to a whole other level. [Submitted by Jeff H.]

"Don't give me this 'olé' bullshit." [Submitted by Jody C.]

When you think about it, is this really an insult? [Submitted by Cameron F.]

Gee, you'd think the First Lady could score better seats. [Submitted by Ricardo]

Truth in advertising. The guy definitely has a helmet painted on his head. [Submitted by Phil G. - "taken at Colts - Seahawks game"]

You know, there aren't a lot of folks left these days willing to criticize international terrorism via t-shirt. Thank you, sir, for your courage. [Submitted by John T. - "Snapped this from my terrible seats during the Redskins thrilling 9-7 win over the Rams in week 2."]

IhateyousomuchexceptforJimEdmondshe'sokayiguess. [Submitted by Boose, in St. Louis]

According to the submitter: "This was taken at a Mets/Cards game in august of '08. At one point, they played "Enter Sandman" over the PA and this guy totally lost his shit." Wow. That is a surprising detail! [Submitted by Chris H.]

Almost there.... [via]

There we go. Taking it biblical was exactly what we needed here. [Submitted by Cameron D. - no, not that one.]

It's a shame. With just a slight adjustment that could have said "Wicker." [Submitted by Dale N.]

Did you ever wake up in the morning and say to yourself, "You know what? I need to make a permanent tribute to a terrible movie that no one ever talks about or even remembers fondly and then wear that on my back." Yeah, me neither. [Submitted by Ryan W. - "at the Phillies-Rockies game"]

No sign of Laser or Blazer? [Submitted by Aryeh]

The good thing is that we now know Garrett Atkins' clubhouse nickname. At least, I hope that's Garrett Atkins and not their new closer, Manami Hairyfatkins. [Photo via Denver Post]