USC running back Stafon Johnson seems to be doing pretty well, considering he was nearly decapitated by a barbell just days ago. Well enough to pose for pictures with his matching tracheostomy tube and weightlifting t-shirt, anyway.

Actually, doctors updated his condition yesterday and while it doesn't sound pretty, he is doing better. He's still eating through a feeding tube and will need more surgeries in the future, but should be released from the hospital soon. Pretty good news for someone when "the majority of the lining of his larynx (voice box) was degloved (stripped off)."

*Shudder.* That is one thing you don't want degloved.

Stafon Johnson on the mend, embracing depictions of dangerously overloaded barbells [Dr. Saturday]
USC football: Surgeons update Stafon Johnson's condition [LA Times]

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That's really all I've got for today and this post so let's call this thing. I hope we learned something today, although I can't imagine what that would be. Tonight, you've got Florida-LSU, of course, plus Michigan-Iowa for my peoples in the Midwest. And it looks the Cardinals are going to go quietly into the night. No messy screams or embarrassing displays of bravado from this team. They know when they're not wanted.


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