Three NBA fans from Seattle have created a documentary about the theft of their beloved Supersonics and put it online for free, because even though you know it accomplishes nothing, sometimes you just have to wail at the sky.

Plus, I'm not sure how many people will pay $10 to sit through a two-hour movie about franchise relocation. The amateur filmmakers fully admit that the reason they made "SonicGate" was to find an outlet for the sadness and frustration that they felt as aggrieved fans of a basketball team that was sold out from under them and shipped off to another town. Not that they're bitter! It's all part of the mourning process.

Our whole purpose is to get the story out so that everybody in the country and the world can see what happened here. We want to get the story out there. Get it told." These guys feel as if there already is too much greed in the Sonics' saga. They don't want to add to this money grab.

"We're doing this for the right reasons," editor Lund said. "For the passion, for the history, for the story. We're putting it out there and saying, 'Yeah, it's not always about money.' It can't always be about money."

It's not exactly "Hoop Dreams," but if you care about this stuff at all you should probably check it out. Be warned, though. Even one of the directors says, "It's kind of a downer."

Oh boy! Fire up the popcorn maker!

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