The Sacramento Kings have sent an urgent directive to all NBA teams warning them to be on the lookout for the large exercise ball that brutally attacked and maimed forward Francisco Garcia. It is considered round, squishy and extremely dangerous.

Garcia will be out of commission for four months after he broke his right forearm and damaged the ligaments in his wrist on Friday. He was injured when the exercise ball he was using burst underneath him. It probably didn't help that he was doing dumbbell presses with his back on the ball ... and holding 90-pound weights in each hand. Apparently, this kind of bizarro weight lifting strategy is standard practice (now that I think about it, I guess I haven't been in a gym in a long time), but the Kings have now made it their mission to stamp out this ball menace once and for all. Owner Joe Maloof says this is "a wake-up call":

I think the most important thing is that this doesn't happen to other teams or other professional sports franchises," Maloof said. "For that matter, high school, college, any of these teams that use these balls. I want to make sure they know what happened to us."

If you see any balls matching the above photo, stay away and call the authorities. They won't think twice about bouncing the crap out of you and stealing your girlfriend.


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