A simple error by the MLB web team or wishful thinking by our Buddy Bud? Or is C.C. Sabathia so intimidating it takes the Angels lineup and all four Philly starters to bring him down?

Now before the conspiracy theorists get all bent out of shape, everyone should just chill out. The idea of some orchestrated cabal working behind the scenes to create a Phillies-Yankees World Series is ridiculous. Obviously the umpires will throw the NLCS to the Dodgers. Torre vs. the Yankees? A-Rod and Manny? They can't pass that up.


But the defending champs getting an assist from the Illuminati? Gimme a break. Next you're going to tell me JFK wasn't replaced by a robot in early 1961 and is still living comfortably at a hacienda in Cuba. Let's try to be reasonable, huh?

[Screenshot via MLB.com]

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