If beer commercials and 80s movies are to be believed, everything's bigger in Australia. Except the jockeys; they're little people. And the horses; they're regular size people.

Leave it to a nation of convicts to come up with entertainment as wrong as the "Little Peoples Cup." Thousands attended the race at a track in Victoria to watch three dwarf jockeys ride their mighty steeds down the homestretch. Predictably, some are upset.

Meredith Tripp, a former president of the Short Statured People of Australia association, said that events that made fun of short statured people made it harder for them to go through life without being subject to ridicule.

"We hope to it make easier for short-statured people to participate in society without being bullied or laughed at or stared at. But things like this set us back a little bit."

Victorian Premier John Brumby says the event was inappropriate. "What occurred may well be humorous to many people, but I think the test is whether it's hurtful to people and what occurred is quite hurtful to a number of people and so I think it's tacky."

But as per usual, those complaining about demeaning little people failed to ask said little people.

We were dressed as characters, which were jockeys, to be out there and have a bit of fun, entertain and do our job as an actor," said Jeremy Hallam, who calls himself the "People's Dwarf."

Who better to represent the will of the people than the People's Dwarf? Controversy over. Let the gradual enslavement of our kind by dwarfs commence.

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