It appears that Bernard Berrian might have some 'splainin' to do after a photo of a naked woman showering turned up via "TweetPhoto" on his Twitter account.

The photo was quickly taken down and Berrian went into damage control mode by taking it to the tweets to apologize.

Via No Spain, No Gain:

Those who saw the photo before it was taken down reacted in a variety of ways. Some found the situation humorous, like @The_Real_AP, who wrote "yikes! make sure she members to wash behind the ears."

Others were congratulatory, like @richardearl, who commented "Damn man, you getting that?" and @td619 who noted "Nice! Being an NFL'er pays off nicely lol."

A few were concerned that Berrian might become just the next in a long line of pro athletes punished for a controversial tweet. @Anth270 warned "LMFAO what other pic do u have on ur phone haaha , bra delete that b4 u get fined lol".


Berrian's reply:

So, are we to believe that Berrian was a victim of some internet conspiracy perpetrated solely to shame him that was accomplished by intercepting his photo of him and his friends enjoying a nice dinner and replacing it with a naked lady taking a shower? Hey, crazier things have happened. I'm writing for Deadspin, for crying out loud.


Unfortunately, my guess is that Berrian accidentally uploaded said naked showering gal photo instead of the dinner photo. I suppose it's the equivalent of selecting "reply to all" instead of "reply" on an e-mail, only with more gratuitous nudity. At least it didn't happen on a boat.

Bernard Berrian: Victim of Technology or Twitter Pornographer? [No Spain, No Gain]