We love when blatant cheating is caught on camera, and this one from Brazil is a doozy. Unless you think nine goals in nine minutes is on the up-and-up.

Dirty Tackle tracked this one down, and it's impressive for the sheer ballsiness of it.

Two Brazilian second division teams were tied for the lead in the standings going into the final day, both needing a win to keep their hopes alive. One of them, Viana, was up 2-0 in the 35th minute of the 2nd half. With no lead safe when the season is on the line, Viana scored some insurance goals. Like, nine goals in the final nine minutes. This was perhaps helped by their opponents walking off the field.

Buying off the other team is one thing, but their division rivals Moto Club bought off the refs and were somehow awarded three penalty kicks in the final ten minutes of their match.

Despite Viana's chairman claiming his team just found their scoring touch, the association is treating it as a scandal. So the lesson here is, when you're paying off your opponents, save a little to pay off the league.

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