You probably thought that whole ugly Steve McNair business was over and done with, right? Guess again. You will never be rid of this story, because CBS News is still on the case—the Cold Case, if you will.

Jack-of-all reporting trades Armen Keteyian did a little crime scene investigating of his own into the Steve McNair murder case and discovered that the numb3rs don't add up. If you'll recall, the big bang theory was that McNair's girlfriend, Sahel Kazemi, distraught over money problems and the fear that McNair would soon leave her, shot him four times while he was sleeping and then took her own life. However, after three months of investigating, Keteyian says the Nashville Police—who only worked this mystery for 48 hours (x2)—may have botched the investigation.


Most of the piece (which you can watch here) is filled with testimony from Kazemi's friends saying that she was never angry and never violent and never owned a gun before, so she couldn't possibly have done this. These are the kinds of things that I hope my friends say to reporters if I ever go off the rails. He also dug up some footage from big brother security cameras that show Kazemi on the night of her DUI arrest—two days before the murder—and she is not acting like a lunatic soon-to-be shooter. On the other hand, lots of murderers seem perfectly normal right up until the moment they accidentally on purpose kill someone, so this is hardly "evidence" of anything.

However, there is one discrepancy he discovered that does need explaining. Police say that on the afternoon after the DUI arrest, Kazemi left work for two hours to buy the gun that was used to kill McNair. Unfortunately for them, her time sheets show that the two-hour absence from work took place the day before. Since the DUI arrest was part of the police theory for why she snapped, that's a big red flag that suggests they didn't do their homework very well. It doesn't prove that she failed to buy the gun, but that's a pretty glaring error in the timeline of events for the police to miss.

Keteyian says there's one more BIG mistake that police made concerning Kazemi and the purchase of the murder weapon ... but you'll have to tune in tomorrow to find out what it is! Aww, man. That's no fair! I hate cliffhangers! If only I had a ghost whisperer to provide me with spoilers.


(Seriously, the police may have done a terrible job on this. Or not. We'll find out tomorrow, I guess.)

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