Wynne "Tiny" Arboleda of the Philippine Basketball Association has been suspended for the entire 2009-10 season after he went all Daniel Plainview on a fan during a game. At least he'll have more time to work on his rap album.

Arboleda had just been called for his second flagrant foul of the game and apparently did not like the "profane" language hurled at him by a hapless spectator. Thankfully, the heckler was in the front row, which not only made for easy pummeling, it meant he didn't have to leap over ten rows of seats and incite a riot to take his revenge. Much more efficient that way.

The league commissioner, Sonny "Crockett" Barrios, issued a stern warning (get it?) to Arboleda, pointing out that the PBA already has a bad rep in this conservative nation and crap like this doesn't help. If it happens again the 10-year veteran will be banned for life.

Lost in the all controversy, however, is a much more disturbing truth about the state of international basketball. Arboleda plays for a team called the Burger King Whoppers. He will be suspended without pay or fries.

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