We get a massive amount of tips in our inbox each week. Some are pretty interesting, but don't get published for one reason or another.

Usually, it's because they're just so absurd or really lack even the most tenuous of news angles to give them the go-ahead. Other times it's because they're just absolute horseshit. But every Friday (except today, because shit went kaplooey on me yesterday and I was out on Friday) until we get sick of running them, we'll present to you some of these not-so-shiny gems. All items should be treated as [Sic'd]. Enjoy...


At Least He Wasn't Wearing The Tar Heel Mascot Head At The Time

Towards the end of my tenure in Chapel Hill, UNC played NC State down at Ericsson Stadium (now Bank of America Stadium) in Charlotte, in the hopes of a larger stadium getting more fans. It didn't work; we're a basketball school. I forget the exact year (1999, I think) but the game was on a Thursday night and was being called by the Thursday night ESPN crew. Writing for the student newspaper, a couple other writers and photographers and I drove down to cover the game.

Covering a football game is much worse than watching a college football game, because any break you need (food, bathroom, etc.) must be done either really quickly during timeouts (impossible) or during halftime. So, as expected, the bathroom for the press box was a madhouse when the other writers and I went in there during halftime. We were standing in line for the urinals and happened to be right next to a stall. The guy in that stall was taking a dump, and it was not going well for him - all kinds of farts and splashes were coming from there. Then the very forceful grunting started. This guy was really pushing this one out in a hurry. Being the incredible mature college students we were, we all were trying to hold back our laughter. But we each saw that the other was doing the same, and with each successive noise, we all laughed a little harder. Eventually, everyone in the men's room was looking at us with the "Oh grow up" look on their faces.

Well, we heard the toilet paper roll in the stall being used and then the toilet flush. The man walked out and it was none other than Lee Corso. He saw everyone staring at him, waived his hand, and said a loud "Hey guys" to the entire room in a really excited, upbeat tone. Everyone stood frozen and stunned as he washed his hands and then left. As soon as the bathroom door shut, every single person in there burst into hysterical laughter. If only we had known who it was. I'm sure one of us would have tapped on the stall and given a "Not so fast, my friend" to help calm him down in there. I can't watch him on Gameday without that experience being the first thing I think about.


Yes, Viva La Stool

SUBJECT: stool

what fucking state do you homos represent?? what fuckin teams do you represent...i cant even read your SHIT cause it sucks...i can barely see my screen cause i have so many fucking trophys blocking it....suck a dick...viva la stool


Thank You, Sir, May I Have Another


id rather watch meatspin.com than read deadspin... 8=====D

Now, We're Also Getting Jason Whitlock's Hatemail


Up until now, I respected you. However, now that you have come out against Rush Limbaugh on his quest to become a partial owner of an NFL Team, I have to re-think things.

You have repeated things that Rush supposedly said. You DID NOT fact check these things and you now look like a complete FOOL in my eyes! The only racism that exists are from the likes of you and all other liberal sports media that have run with these lies! In the end, you are just another black guy, looking to lampoon the white guy! Yes, that means you are NO DIFFERENT than President Obama (an "OUT & OUT RACIST", and the "INFAMOUS RACE BAITERS", Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton! I REALLY thought you were above this and a better man than this! YOU ARE NO MAN AND I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG ABOUT YOU! I truly hope the U.S. Citizens (especially the Sports World) remember you for what you are (A TRUE "RACIST") and where you came down on this particular situation! I for one, no longer have ANY respect for you!


Eric Miklas

P.S. You Have Shown "YOUR TRUE COLORS" And Now Have Been Proven To Be QUITE TYPICAL!


And one more...


I checked out your website ("Deadspin") and would now like to add this,....

If Limbaugh and the "white race" are soooooooo bad, why then are their tons
of pictures of you with WHITE girls hanging all over you?

As I said below, you are "TYPICAL" and you are just another sorry RACIST!

You have now SUNK to the "land of no return" (where Al Sharpton & Jesse
Jackson reside). You will now sow what you reap! "ALL THINGS COME TO
THOSE WHO WAIT". Yours is coming!

Best Regards,

Eric Miklas

He's Mr. ChoochTober That's Why

I was just sent this. I can't explain it, and I'm not sure I want to.


Emails You Don't Want To Get From The Gawker Office Manager

Hey AJ,

Just to let you know that we cannot see the frog anywhere in the tank.

We can hear the crickets going all day...gee I hope they did n't eat the frog. LOL

Next time you are in please check it out.



Tebow's Christian Army Revolts


I am respectfully writing to say that you should be absolutely embarrassed by your article regarding Tim Tebow being the "Lamb of God". If you had any respect at all for the Bible or Jesus Christ, you would not write such things. I am pretty sure that Tim Tebow himself would also be angry and dismayed by your article and the assertions you are putting forth.



Tommy, a little jealous, my friend? Look, if you want to live his life and be Tim Tebow, then give it a try. Writing stuff like that makes you look ever so small. Quoting Luke and John? Yes, you obviously know Jesus as well... er not. Hating Tim Tebow for being either a great quarterback, a great person, or a Christian... I'm thinking it's the last one that's the clincher for you. How's this one. "If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first." John 15:18. Jesus knew what he was talking about. You don't.


And Craggs Gets Yelled At By The Guy Who Designed AT&T Park (née Pac Bell)


I had designed Pac Bell Park while working at Hok Sport in Kansas City and some other sports facilities. I was too happy about your sensational article and even though it may attract some readers due to its negative spin I don't think it will get everyone to hate Pac Bell once they read the article. I got the impression you don't have a clue of the design intent or even why we used red brick or who design the kid park.

I am not sure if you are a drop out architecture student or a very unhappy person who never got a chance to play baseball in the big leagues. Didn't your mother tell you 'if you don't have anything good to say don't say anything.


Randy Shear
7027 Gaston Parkway Dallas Texas
75214 USA


Ryan Leaf Used To Be Carried In The Arms Of Cheerleaders, Part 97

While in my local library, I found this carved on a table. It's a heart with RYAN LEAF. I guess some people are into 0.0 QB ratings.


And Then There's This Insanity


MESQUITE, TX —- Cover Your Bass introduces "The Bassroom" the complete portable privacy system that allows you to spend more time on the water fishing by eliminating those inconvenient moments.

Cover Your Bass is the culmination of research and development from innovators Matt and Kirk Smith, a father/son team of fishermen from Texas, who have created the ultimate portable bathroom for your fishing boat and growing lists of other uses.

Aptly named "The Bassroom" this ingenious product fills the need for a portable bathroom system in a market that has been overlooked and neglected for years. With privacy concerns and today's current "eco-friendly" movements, the Bassroom virtually eliminates the possibility of over-exposure from your boat while providing an environmentally safe alternative to lengthy trips back to the loading dock or using the shoreline as a bathroom.

"We've created this product to fill a void that currently exists in today's fishing arena" said Matt Smith, owner and creator of The Bassroom. "In today's world you never know who has a camera or video phone and would enjoy the 10 minutes of fame by posting a video of you "caught in the act" on YouTube or similar social network websites. The price, privacy, and function of The Bassroom provides security and comfort for much less than the cost of embarrassment or possible legal fees for over-exposure while on the lake. With proper care the Bassroom will provide privacy for only pennies a day. Have one on your boat when you need it." says Smith

The entire Bassroom system is stored in two handy transportation bags that can easily be tucked away in your boat until needed. With a total setup time of approximately 60 seconds, you can quickly construct your Bassroom in times of an emergency and leave the unit assembled while you continue fishing or simply fold down and store. Never have to leave your fishing spot, waste time and gas running around looking for a bathroom.
Although created specifically with fishing in mind, the Bassroom is gaining popularity with hikers, campers, bikers, ATVer's, and tailgaters who find the ease of transport and privacy a welcome addition to their trips. The Bassroom is great on the back of a truck for family picnics and outings

"The feedback we have received from customers has shown a wide demographic range from young adventurers to Pro Anglers. The Bassroom is great for privacy, shade and a rain shield for the entire family, including pets." says Smith.

The Bassroom system itself consists of heavy duty 190T polyester material with access doors on both the front and back equipped with over-sized zippers for easy handling. The polyester is waterproof and flame resistant to assure safety and comfort. The waste disposal bags contained in the full Bassroom system are convenient zip-up bags, constructed of a sturdy 2 mil. black plastic material which effectively and safely handle the waste storage and transporting.

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