You shoot yourself in the leg, people are going to say you pulled a Plaxico. Sorry, that's how it is. But one teen is suing the cops for making just that obvious joke.

New York police say Christian Dudley shot himself in the knee. (He says he was robbed and shot in the back and the bullet lodged in his knee, but there's no other entry wounds.) And while they're not pressing charges, he's suing for $1 million for emotional distressed because they compared him to Burress.

As soon as I went into the precinct and I had the cuffs on they said, 'Oh, is this Plaxico?'" Dudley said. "And then when I was in the cell, while they processed me, they called me Plaxico, making fun of me."

Gerald Cohen, Dudley's lawyer, says the football star's accident planted the seed for cops' allegations.

"It is outrageous," he said. "They created this cockamamie theory with no evidence."

So Plax's name is now code for a specific crime of stupidity. Humiliating, but it could be worse. See:

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•Bagging a Brooke Hundley

Cops Compared Me With Troubled Ex-Giant Plaxico Burress, Says Shot Teen [NY Daily News]