Is there a cooler thing that could happen to a freshman soccer player than scoring a goal on your first collegiate shot from 95-yards away? Other than getting to be the kicker for the football team, of course.

That is precisely what happened to Ryan Rosenbaum, a freshman at Southern Methodist University. With SMU leading Tulsa 2-1, Rosenbaum booted the ball downfield to clear it out of the defensive zone, which ended up bouncing over the Tulsa goalie's head and into the net. The goal ultimately was the game-winner as SMU went on to win 3-2.

Not too shabby for a first shot. It reminds me of my first shot - which didn't go nearly as well. Who in the hell invented a Three Wise Men, anyway? Jerk.

Video: SMU freshman hits 95-yard soccer goal [Yahoo! (via The Sporting Blog)]