Halloween is long gone, but people still keep submitting their terribly lame and occasionally offensive sports costumes so that we can post them on this site and embarrass their loved ones. Who are we to deny them their infamy?

So here's the second (and hopefully final) round of Sports-O-Ween. Even Michael Myers didn't die this hard.

A-Rod and Jeter as a gay couple? This is just so insensitive I can't even believe that.... What? These two dudes are actually gay? Oh well, in that case it's freakin' brilliant. [Submitted by JP, who adds "yes, they are awesome homosexuals"]

These guys went as Luke Ridnour, Carlos Boozer, Bill Walton, Shawn Bradley, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Pau Gasol and Coach Erik Spolestra. Also known as "the only seven NBA personalities who never successfully secured road beef." [Submitted by Michael O.]

This costume is labeled as "Derek Jeters Herpes Tree." So the Phillies are the tree or he gave them herpes? I'm so confused. [Submitted by James G.]

Adam M. writes: "My buddy dressed up as Kenny Powers (I'm sure you've gotten lots of these but the one that was already posted isn't very good in my opinion.)" I agree. The pregnant Kenny Powers with the bad wig and fake mustache was much better.

Jason T. dips into the Kenny P. well one more time, only with a new wrinkle. The guy who made a cameo appearance on two episodes! I'm pretty sure the wig is on backwards.

Bill K. got his picture taken with Eddie George as a gladiator. The sad part? This wasn't on Halloween.

The Tiger Woods family? Oh, did you really have to rope the poor child into this? [Submitted by Sam W.]

Really? I ... you know what? Let's just move on.

Matthew B. sucked it up as "The Vumpire." I'm not judging until I see the instant replay.

Dave K. can't wait for the Andre Agassi book to arrive. I think Andre's wig was much more believable.

Joe J. has now gone four days without trying to snort baking powder.

A little too real, isn't it? [Submitted by Brad B.]

Good job asking the skinniest guy in your group to play the Hulkster and lamely choosing Slim Jim-era Macho Man over the original version. No wonder it's not a real sport. [Photo sumbitted by Kevin D.]

The legacy of great Jets quarterbacks will never die. (The legacy is embarrassment, of course.) [Photo by Driven By Boredom]

A costume from The Program? That certainly was a movie that came out once! [Submitted by Jim C.]

Patrick Kane meets his nemesis ... a guy who can afford to screen print a t-shirt with the words "Buffalo Taxi Service." I hope that cost more than 20 cents. [Submitted by Daniel G.]

This is continuing the series from the other day. The Football Ladies were actually part of a larger group of No. 4 backers. Pretty clever, even if it was just an excuse to walk around Madison with no pants on all night. [Submitted by Andrew B.]

Commenter MeQuickWantSlow remembered the 80's long enough to break out the Teen Wolf togs. I always figured him for a Republican.

I"m sure the gunslinger would be very proud. [Submitted by J.K.]

Finally, one more take on the "someone sucking one else's dick" theme. As if today's press members would ever wear a hat like that. [HolyTaco]