You people just will not let this go, will you? Just moments after I put up the last gallery of unfortunate costume horrors, my inbox was flooded with still more masquerade submissions. Seriously, folks, this is becoming a sickness.

But hey, it's an easy post. So in the tradition of terrible horror movie franchises, we present yet another sequel to the original Sport-O-Ween. This time it's wrestlers, swimmers, way too much Kenny Powers, and easily the most offensive costume you've seen yet. Too soon? You bet your ass it's too soon.

Let's just get all the Kenny P.s out of the way right now. Kevin H. is best.

Do you think he had to buy the Zubaz or were they already in his closet? [Submitted by Jill R.]

Yeah, he probably had them already. [Submitted by J.F.]

I think HBO should have given us more money. Seriously, you guys really loved this show. [Submitted by Andrew D.]

He's no Bode Lubber, but Baby Birdman definitely has the cutest sleeve tattoos of the year. [Submitted by Kurt R.]

I have no idea what's going on here. I'm just glad Bob Barker isn't alive to see this. [Submitted by Joel S.]

Alex B. will shove this costume down your fucking throat.

Ben S. calls this one "Clubhouse Cancer" because ... tumors = hilarity.

Hulk.... [Submitted by Jon B.]

Macho Man.... [Submitted by Casey C.]

Hulk and Macho Man. The circle is complete. [Submitted by Murphy]

Later, these two made sweet, sweet love in the "production truck." (Which was actually a port-a-john behind the stadium.) They kept the masks on. [Submitted by Matt O.]

A little surprised it took this long to get a Phelps with Bong. [Submitted by "The Boil Over"]

But more than one person still had their '08 costume ready to go. [Submitted by Allen Q.]

Whoa. I didn't not see that coming. I guess this is post-suspension and Doritio-loving Phelps. [Submitted by Ray B.]

Ricky Vaughn or a regular dude in a Cleveland jersey on a Saturday night?

Again, that might just be the actual Rangers looking for a game. Or your sloppy seconds. [Submitted by Karen M.]

Steve-O's Tyson costume is impregnable. [Submitted by CJ]

I think this "David Ortiz" is the one that really needs some performance enhancers. [Submitted by Brad K.]

Now we're down to the nitty gritty. Blood, mayhem and sweatpants. [Submitted by Brad S.]

I always knew those two were up to something. [Submitted by Mark C.]

Not there yet ... wait for it ... [Submitted by Chris]

Ding! Ding! Ding! I think we have a solid winner for most offensive costume of the year. So much detail, yet he couldn't spring for the Titans jersey! Watch my head as I slowly shake it in disappointment for humanity. [Submitted by Chris]