So, Ron Artest is making a movie about his life. That', interesting.

In an interview with FanHouse on Friday, Artest announced he is making a straight-to-DVD movie entitled Therapy, which I assume chronicles his rise from poor kid growing up in the projects of Queens to batshit crazy NBA player.

Surprisingly, the "Malice in at the Palace" will have its five-year anniversary Thursday- it seems like it happened longer ago - but Artest states that the fracas will only be a small part of the film.

"I didn't even realize it was the fifth-year anniversary,'' Artest said. "I'm actually working on a movie about it. It's going to be pretty cool... It's like a docudrama. I'm playing me. (The brawl) is like a small part, but it's a part of it... It's to just kind of spice up the movie a little bit, but (the movie) is deeper than that. It's all true.''

Wow. Artest claims he has a silent partner who is funding the project and he expects the film to be released next summer.


I can confidently state that there is a good chance that Therapy will be the worst movie ever made. I haven't been this excited about a straight-to-DVD release since Road House 2.

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