The NY Post revealed some more of Bristol's unseemly history last Friday with a brief item about a 2004 harassment suit filed against ESPN's first president of programming, 74-year-old Bill Creasy. Here is the complaint, brimming with old man creepiness.

Creasy, arguably one of the forefathers of ESPN's Worldwide Leaderness, apparently took a liking to one of his assistants, Melissa DiMarco, who claimed she was fired for shooting down the horny old coot.

Even though DiMarco claimed Creasy consistently made her feel uncomfortable with his use of the word "cunt" and "cocksuckers" and referred to her as a "cockteaser", she still slept in his bed one night. But! — she was wearing her clothes. That's not cockteasy.

The Post contacted the now 79-year-old Creasy for comment, but he couldn't remember anything. The suit was eventually settled.

Note: the Melissa DiMarco named in this complaint is not the same woman who played Pete Rose's wife in ESPN's "Hustle". You know, the movie where Tom Sizemore sports an Emo Phillips wig and says "pussy" a lot.