There's a popular game going around the Internet, in which you search your favorite team on DeviantArt, the premier fan-created art site. Some results are pathetic, some are decent, but most are sanity-threatening. Let's go through the looking glass.

Actually, this one's pretty badass.

Oddly, there's about five My Little Ponies for every team. But spend enough time there, and the word "oddly" loses all meaning.

From the artist's description: "This is Carmello Anthony made out of Chicken Mcnuggets From Mcdonalds. I decided to do him because He's on the NUGGETS! you just add a Mc in there and you've got food!"

I can't tell if the artist did anything to this picture. This is what Steve Kerr looked like, right?

Yes, that's Hunter Pence trying to rescue Lance Berkman, Carlos Lee and Miguel Tejada from a sandwich.

Be warned. There's a lot of furries.

I love the fact that Squirtle has a Jason Giambi cap.

Cowboys fans like a stacked top half...

While Avalance fans prefer their junk in the trunk.

There's also a good amount of slash fiction expressed here. If you don't know what slash fiction is, don't look it up.

What's this I don't even...

There's no art here. The user just scanned a photograph. For what purposes, I'm terrified to ask.

More furries.

Okay, they all have Red Wings. I get it. But why are they anime characters with vampire fangs?

Lakers bird just got told by Celtics rabbit.

Some sort of Giants stump playing a snare drum.

The devil ray, a perfectly fearsome creature, gets represented by a wolf. Whatever.

Enjoy your nightmare fuel.