Each year during "The Game" (which most tailgaters do not even pay attention to) the blue bloods invade the yard and show off their finest Ivy League elbow-bending techniques. It's like a beer-sopped L.L. Bean catalog come to life.

By the looks of these photos, most of these fine upstanding individuals seem to be conducting themselves just like most other sots would during a tailgate.

If you're featured in this photo gallery, please do not fucking email me to complain about how you will get fired from your job that pays you way too much money. Your names aren't listed. Let's keep it that way. If it upsets you that much, try to convince your friends not to post all of your shenanigans on Facebook. Or, you know, don't get arrested for public urination.

In fact, be more like this guy:

Who's that kid, I need to send him a congratulatory email.

Same thing happened to me in 1987 at Yale Bowl in New Haven. Couldn't get out of the Bowl to piss, so went to the back and pissed on the press box. Perp walked, paddy wagoned, spent the game sitting on a concrete floor in a pile of cigarette ash in New Haven lockup. A lot warmer than the subzero bleachers, I have to say.

I think New Haven PD loves "The Game", they get to bust Yalie f*@ks and — in a nice two-fer — little Harvard f@#ks while they're at it. Fish in a barrel

Full report on Saturday's game coming tomorrow.

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