A reporter crossing the border into British Columbia was detained by agents fearful she might be coming over to criticize the Vancouver Games. After all, gotcha journalism is the worst kind of terrorism.

Amy Goodman, for those of you who aren't godless liberals, is known for hosting Democracy Now! on NPR. Heading to Canada for her book tour, she may not have realized that BC is quarantined from the outside world until February.

(The agent) was incredulous. He kept asking me: ‘What about the Olympics?,'" she said in telephone interview Thursday on her way to a speaking engagement at the University of Victoria. "I was totally shocked. They were demanding to know what I was going to be talking about, in detail."

Goodman said the vehicle she was travelling in with two other assistants was stopped at the Washington-B.C. border around 6 p.m. Wednesday once agents realized she was a journalists.

She said she was asked at least six times if she was sure she wasn't coming to Canada to speak about the Olympics.

China wishes they had realized you could do this, and somewhere, Dan Snyder just wondered if it's possible to cordon off Landover.


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