We produce a lot of posts every month. Most of them disappear quickly. Some of them don't. Here are the 10 most popular posts from November, ranked low to high.

Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen got his face intercepted by a man's fist outside a South Bend bar, and pretty soon everyone started doing the Rashomon thing.

On the occasion of the Sports Fella's appearance atop The New York Times bestseller list, Leitch wrote: "Good ideas win out. Perseverance and new perspectives break through. The old rots and washes away. Sometimes the good guys win." Charles P. Pierce saw things differently, writing of Simmons: "You are not the cosmos, son. Get the fuck over yourself. "

"In an effort to reinvent myself, in a cut throat industry that was becoming more and more competitive the deeper I swam," Jenn Sterger wrote, "I made the decision to go against the grain and remove my implants." This is our generation's answer to Thoreau's Walden. The results of her decision were subsequently Tweeted.

A semi-pro football player tackled his teammate, and Barry Petchesky provided the video.

Dash's gallery of sports-themed Halloween costumes spawned two sequels. The highlight was this cogent piece of media criticism.

Leitch launched his Aughts retrospective with this massive gallery of the decade's towering failures.

With the yank of a ponytail, New Mexico women's soccer player Elizabeth Lambert became an American symbol of something or other, and then all was forgiven after she wore a pretty pink crinkle scarf in the New York Times.

The Clemson rowing team got some exposure ...

... as did Grady Sizemore, whose extensive self-portraiture was swiped from his girlfriend's e-mail account.

And then Tiger Woods, a well-known golfing personage, went and crashed his car into a fire hydrant and a tree in the early morning after Thanksgiving. He had cuts on his face, which may or may not have been caused by his wife, who may or may not have been reacting to rumors of Tiger's cheating heart. I will defer here to friend of Deadspin Chas, who notes that Tiger is the best there was when laying two.