It must suck to find out your former high school hockey coach allegedly molested a teenager. It must suck even more to find out that he secretly filmed his teams in the locker room.

This was submitted as a potential Asshole Coach Digest entry, but I think it crosses a line. Now if it were Coach-Produces-His-Own-Child-Pornography Digest, then we'd consider it.


Robert Bopp already faces life in prison on charges that he paid a 14-year-old to perform oral sex on him. Add to that a child pornography rap for filming students with a hidden camera, with the tapes being made as recently as...last season. Jesus.

Parents are upset that they're only finding out now, even though authorities found the tapes in July.

The U.S. attorney asked us not to make contact until they completed their investigation," McInerney said, though he noted that some hockey parents had been told previously.

The lawyer said he has not seen the tape himself, but he said he has been told that the camera captured images of the players as they walked around the locker room.

Bopp, the once-lauded Grosse Pointe South High School ice hockey coach, stashed a small video camera to secretly tape his players in a locker room on two occasions during the 2008-09 season, according to a letter the school district sent to some ex-players in mid-November.

Last year, Bopp was inducted into the Michigan High School Hockey Coaches Association's Hall of Fame. So, when you complain about Busher Jackson's induction, remember it could be a lot worse.

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