A reader sends us more evidence of a Comcast cable guide curator who is maybe missing the point of a particular NBA game. Unless Rasheed Wallace and Antonio McDyess have a secret love child that I haven't heard about.

Believe me, I understand the temptation to reach for a story angle—the former Pistons combined for 13 points, all by Rasheed—especially when you've written your 16,000th blurb about regular season NBA basketball and are desperate to avoid repeating yourself. But after seeing the Duke lovefest last week, I no longer think it's about biased alumni pumping up their favorite college players. I think Comcast employees are having a contest to find to see who can write the best game summary that won't actually summarize what you are about to see. Whoever can create the most obscure connection between the two least important players on the floor wins.

So your mission now, dear readers, is to find these efforts and send them in. Be on the lookout for ludicrous game descriptions (Comcast or otherwise) and email the evidence. And if there's any Comcast Guide writers out there reading this, don't give up now. Your crazy shenanigans can only help seal your takeover of NBC. FCC regulators love a good prank.

Comcast-NBC Universal deal faces regulatory hurdle [Guardian]

[Thanks to reader Ben K. for the image.]