Just like last year, we're showcasing the people, ideas and memes that made Deadspin 2009 shine. Today: Athlete Power Couples.

Tony Romo drops one empty blonde for another. He's like Derek Jeter, minus the on-the-field success.

Tom Brady kicked off months of grueling rehab by lounging at the pool with Gisele. They had a literal shotgun wedding. Gisele was manhandled by chiseled naked black men. The Golden Couple produced a Golden Child.

Shelden Williams stayed in the news by getting Candace Parker knocked up, and ESPN The Mag drooled over her C-cups. The WNBA rearranged their schedule to accommodate their really tall baby.

Miss Anti-Homo-Beauty-Queen dabbled with Michael Phelps. Then she dabbled with Kyle Boller.

Carmelo's lady La La brought out the racism in Mavericks fans.

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett did everything they could to stay in the news, but Kendra couldn't stay off the pole.

Newly-single Alex Rodriguez sewed his wild oats with Kate Hudson. She smashed up his car, but at least it was accidental. The Yankee wives were extra-mean to Kate. She was the 26th member of the World Series winning team. The flame of love blazed strongly, but burned out quickly.

Paris Hilton put a hex on Cristiano Ronaldo.

Tila Tequila said Shawne Merriman slapped her around a bit. But the DA took the 'roid-user's word over the fame whore's.

Heidi Strobel told Cole Hamels she wanted an AIDS orphan, and stole some random children for a condo ad. Then they just decided to have one of their own.

Kim Kardashian turned Reggie Bush into a vampire. Then they stopped dating. Then they started again. The world holds its breath.

Lamar Odom landed the bronze medal of Kardashian sisters. They got married, but not really.

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria reminisced about oh, oh those summer nights.

Elin Nordegren became a household name.