Just like last year, we're showcasing the people, ideas and memes that made Deadspin 2009 shine. Today: Athlete Substance Abuse.

Michael Phelps, superstar of superstars, likes a little weed as much as the rest of us. But don't worry, he didn't lose his endorsements.

Jamal Anderson and a random 20-year-old treat an Atlanta dive bar bathroom like Limelight, circa 1984.

In real baseball, players take steroids to be at the top of their game. In the WBC, Geovany Soto smokes weed to make it more tolerable.

Ryan Leaf gets charged with improperly obtaining painkillers, somehow manages to make his time on the lam last longer than the hopes of Chargers fans in '98.

America's sweetheart Nicole Bobek becomes a state penitentiary sweetheart after dealing meth.

Darius Miles has a run-of-the-mill traffic stop/pot bust in a not-so-run-of-the-mill pimpmobile.

Darren Daulton: high all the fricking time.

Michael Beasley poses for a photo with an eighth of his best friend. Claims rehab got him clean. Gets photographed passed out, surrounded by empties.

Tim Lincecum shocks no one, gets busted for weed. But he's famous, and it's Washington, so he doesn't get in trouble.

Jeremy Mayfield fails a drug test for meth...

...while Andre Agassi reveals he escaped a suspension by saying he took it "accidentally."

Richard Gasquet must have been paying attention to Agassi, because his "I kissed a girl with coke on her lip" excuse works.

"John from Wayne" spices up his call to Mike Francesa by taking a big ol' bong rip on the air.

Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No becomes the Requiem For A Dream of our generation.

Tiger Woods allegedly likes the sleepy sex.