We produce a lot of posts every month. Most of them disappear quickly. Some of them don't. Here are the 10 most popular posts from December, ranked low to high

Erin Andrews may have a lower profile these days, but that doesn't stop people from obsessively clicking on her photo.

The troubled life of Bengals' wide receiver Chris Henry came to a tragic end.

Nobody covered the Tiger Woods saga better than Chinese animators.

When you rent out your house on a golf course for a modeling shoot make sure it's not a porno film.

Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson act like this is the first college football game they've ever seen, let alone called together.

The Manning boys also have their fair share of unflattering rumors floating around about them. Peyton? Open marriage. Eli? Loves whores.

The "Biggest, Dirtiest, Poopiest Mailbag Yet." If America's democratic system had a Poop Party, Drew Magary would be president.

Emeritus' "Decadium" series had one clear-cut winner: 2003. You know, the one where the lead photo is two bikini girls fighting during a beer commercial. This news makes him angry.

The Tennessee "hostess" program story made most of us realize, again, that we clearly missed out on life by not being heavily-recruited high school athletes.

The saga of Eldrick Woods pretty much dominated most of the top spots. It truly was "Chaos In Tigerland."