Former Detroit/MSU receiver Charles Rogers was arrested again, this time for falling asleep in a Mexican restaurant at 3:15 p.m. on Tuesday. Maybe he has narcolepsy. (Caused by too much alcohol.)

This arrest could lead to a violation of his probation from the last time he was arrested for falling asleep in public, back in September. At least this time he wasn't driving. Restaurant employees in Novi called paramedics yesterday, because Rogers was so out of it, they couldn't wake him up and thought that he had a heart attack. Since he's currently in a Sobriety Court program, if he was indeed drunk then he could be going to jail.

So I guess the story of this former No. 2 pick has officially gone from "What is this guy's problem?" to "Man, this guy has a serious problem." Here's hoping he finds a solution that doesn't involve football, because that's not happening ever again.

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