Some big names will be joining Donald Trump in the boardroom, and Deadspin isn't afraid to get service-y and give you the lowdown on which of the former athletic legends might show some acumen for entrepreneurship.

Bill Goldberg

•Is Jewish.
•Parlayed an NFL practice squad career into being the biggest wrestler in the world at one point.
•The man who Jackhammered The Giant will easily be able to carry Bret Michaels's dead weight on the show.


•Chose entrance music from Megadeth's Risk album, indicating he may not be the best arbiter of taste.
IMDB résumé is historical record of poor business decisions.
•Is 43, and thus as a former professional wrestler is unlikely to survive until the show begins in March.

Darryl Strawberry

•Made more than $30 million over his career.
•Married three times, so knows how to cut his losses.
•Has recently made the speaking circuit talking about his faith, and as we all know, God sells.


•Was a con.
•Invested much of his earnings in cocaine, a commodity too volatile for most traders.
•Called Wally Backman a "little redneck." While true, this would constitue workplace harassment.

Holly Robinson Peete

•Married an NFL quarterback.

•It's Rodney Peete.

Summer Sanders

•Stanford grad who won two gold medals.
•Hosted "Figure It Out" on Nickelodeon starting in 1997; unknowingly ushered young Barry Petchesky into puberty.
•Is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, which is meaningless but looks great on a resume. Kind of like grad school!

•Previous reality TV experience was hosting "Skating With Celebrities." That didn't work out so well.
•Some people say she's just "cute" and not "hot."
•Traded first husband, a fellow swimmer, for second hubby, a — ugh — Winter Olympian.

Michael Johnson

•Successfully marketed self as "world's fastest man."
•Tied for most medals (Olympics and World Championships) in history.
•Ran with golden shoes, showing he knows how to appeal to high-end consumers.


•Lost "world's fastest man" race to a Canadian.
•Signature upright gait will not fly while being berated by Donald Trump.
•Voluntarily returned relay gold because his three teammates runners were on PED's. Clearly lacks will to win.