The allegedly humorous Charles Barkley will host the allegedly humorous Saturday Night Live tonight. With, it would appear, musical guest Big Mama Thornton.

Reader Jason wrote in earlier today with the following request: "I think it would be a good idea put up a thread or something. I need to see insults in as close to real-time as possible." Sounds like a plan! A while back, an editor friend asked me to write something for him exploring whether Barkley was, in fact, funny. He was skeptical. It's an interesting question. (I never did get around to writing the story, partly because I like that TNT studio show so much, Barkley's dopey Lou Costello routine notwithstanding.) Tonight, we may have our answer. Use the comments below or #SNL. Enjoy, and thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Barry will be here tomorrow.

Top image via @bustabucket