These are some of the things that are happening in the nether regions of the sports gossip world. This news is not breaking. It is not exclusive. There are no exclamation points. We did not pay for these photos.

It turns out the Orlando Magic's J.J. Redick — who publicly stated he probably wouldn't pop up on TMZ's "sports" site — just made an early appearance thanks to his connection to serial NBA dater and harassment suit filer Vanessa Lopez. Congratulations to J.J.

Did Colt McCoy propose to his hotter than shrimp vindaloo girlfriend and spiritual partner? Blessings to them both, if true.

Joe Namath's daughter was pulled over with a car full of fun in Florida over the weekend. Olivia Namath, just 19, appears to be going through a rebellious phase.

Bar Stool Sports sums this up better than we ever could: "Don't Feel Too Bad For Wes Welker; He's Banging Miss Hooters International 2005." Cruciate ligaments be damned.

And this is just sad. Canada's oldest history magazine, "The Beaver," was forced to change its name because 90 years ago, a beaver was just a beaver. Now? "But you're likely to find a lot of (porn) sites now if you search for the title of our history magazine online."