So here's a photo of one of the "ladies" who had a run-in with AC Milan soccer star Ronaldo on Monday. Not a bad effort I suppose, but I wouldn't need the entire running time of The Crying Game to guess this secret, would you? New details of the magical evening have emerged, so after you have made the Ann Coulter joke of your choosing, let's proceed.

The motel manager — identified only as Luisa — said Ronaldo, who was dressed and appeared to be sober, tried to get rid of the prostitutes after realizing they were men. She told police Ronaldo offered the prostitutes $600 to end the incident but they would not accept dollars. The manager then converted the money into reals for Ronaldo, but before he made the payment one prostitute asked for 50,000 reals ($30,000) to keep the story from the media, according to the police document. A motel waiter, who was not identified in the police documents, told police the prostitute went to the street and yelled "the Phenomenon didn't want to pay."

Apparently cleared of any wrongdoing by Rio police — prostitution is not only legal in Brazil, it's encouraged! — Ronaldo is in hiding at the moment, trying to rehab a knee injury. All of this has baffled his fans, as you might imagine.

"It's really a soap opera," said 48-year-old Luiz Mendes, a private chauffeur. "Ronaldo has money to fill mattresses. He can afford the best and most beautiful women in the world. Why would he want to go out with these (prostitutes)."

Hmm, I wonder what word he actually used there.

In the interests of full disclosure, I once danced with a transvestite at a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in San Diego 1999. I'm telling you now because Costas would have dragged it out of me eventually anyway.


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