A helpful classmate tipped us off to the young lady's name, and Deadspin Investigative Services sprung into action. There turned out to be quite the paper trail; follow it with us, won't you?

Arielle Angelovich first popped onto the scene when her father decided to convert his Austin, Texas, attic into rooms for the then-17-year-old Arielle and her sister. It spawned a fawning architecture article in the New York Times.

At the other end of the attic is Arielle's hideaway, an ellipse with a curved banquette set into a wall covered in a 360-degree photograph of Yosemite National Park. One section of the mural conceals a pair of touch-latch doors that open to reveal a large-screen television.

A star was born.

That same attic landed Arielle a page in a 2007 issue of Teen Vogue, as highlighted by her Day School's alumni website. Curiously, you can't see much of the attic in the spread; only Arielle.

A little more makeup, a little more mature, but that's still our Texas girl at heart. Arielle soon popped up on a handful of those modeling sites you see, where anyone can upload their photos and sit back and wait for a call from casting agents. But that wasn't to be her path to fame.

No, it was to be the furious screencapping of Kansas fans during one fateful February game that would propel Arielle into the national spotlight.

So, we know her name. We know her past. We know her major (math!). But we still have many questions. If you know (or are) Ms. Angelovich, please call the hotline.