PETA is calling out Larry Bird for endorsing McDonalds. Because, apparently, it's 1993.

The new "Showdown" spot that premiered on Sunday angered PETA, so they're doing what they do best: writing an open letter. But not to LeBron or Dwight Howard, either of the two that sane people would identify with the commercial. No, they're mad at the guy who appears in the last five seconds of the ad.

With the nagging back problems that plagued him throughout his career, Bird is the first person who should sympathize with the millions of chickens who are killed for McDonald's — chickens whose wings, legs and backs are routinely broken," PETA director Dan Shannon, who describes himself as a lifetime Boston Celtics fan, said in a release.

Well, no, anyone at PETA would be "the first person to sympathize" with those future McNuggets. Because I'm pretty sure Larry Bird just enjoys collecting a check, and doesn't have much to do with the actual chicken-slaughtering process.

But thanks for trying! Now go back to those naked lady commercials that turn women into slabs of meat, while not making me want to stop eating it.

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