It's tough to find one activity these days that isn't sullied by some lecherous individual pushing the "dude, this would be so much better naked" idea, and in Lower Saxony they've decided that activity should be sledding. (NSFW)

Considering this event drew close to 14,000 people, this is a watershed moment for the potential mainstream appeal of nude sporting events. No, it's not quite popular enough to pique the interest of the IOC just yet, but the success of Saturday's topless sled race should give hope to other nude and near-nude athletes that they, too, could one day compete while a drunk crowd of Germans cheers them on. (NSFW from here on out) For example, the nude surfers; the thousands of nude bikers; nude runners; nude skiiers; nude scuba divers; nude volleyball players; nude tennis players and, of course, the nude air hockey players.


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